Upgrading errbit beyond v0.8.0

  • Note: There are no migrations to run and the rake task for running migrations has been removed.

Upgrading errbit from v0.4.0 up to v0.8.0

  • You must have already run migrations at least up to v0.3.0. Check to make sure you’re schema version is at least 20131011155638 by running rake db:version before you upgrade beyond v0.4.0
  • Notice fingerprinting has changed and is now easy to configure. But this means you’ll have to regenerate fingerprints on old notices in order to for them to be properly grouped with new notices. To do this run: rake errbit:notice_refingerprint. If you were using a custom fingerprinter class in a previous version, be aware that it will no longer have any effect. Fingerprinting is now configurable within the Errbit UI.
  • Prior to v0.4.0, users were only able to see apps they were watching. All users can now see all apps and they can watch or unwatch any app. If you were using the watch feature to hide secret apps, you should not upgrade beyond v0.4.0.

Upgrading errbit from v0.3.0 to v0.4.0

  • All configuration is now done through the environment. See configuration
  • Ruby 1.9 and 2.0 are no longer offically supported. Please upgrade to Ruby 2.1+
  • Errbit now maintains an issue tracker only for github. If you’re using another issue tracker integration, you may need to maintain it yourself. See Issue Trackers